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Registration is Open!

Boys and Girls Registration is now OPEN!

Deadline information:

**Parent Virtual Meeting information Coming Soon!

We look forward to seeing everyone out on the field!




Lacrosse Clinic/Try Lacrosse for Free 2021

Clinics (Please wear your FULL GEAR):

Wednesday, April 21st 6-9 PM at Adrenaline in Ramsey

  • Girls 6p-7p
  • 12U 7p-8p
  • 14U 8p-9p

Friday, April 23rd 6-9 PM at Adrenaline in Ramsey

  • 10U and Girls 6p-7p
  • 12U 7p-8p
  • 14U 8p-9p

Saturday, April 24th 8AM -10AM at Adrenaline in Ramsey

  • U12 8a-9a
  • U14 9a-10a

Saturday, April 24th 10a-12p at Adrenaline in Ramsey

  • Try Lacrosse for Free (ALL ages)


It's Almost Time!

With the winter sports season starting to wind down, it's time to start getting ready for Lacrosse!

There are many instructional videos out there for you to take a look at and start getting those lacrosse skills ready for the season. Here are just a few to get you back into the groove.

Copy and paste this link to visit some at home drills you can try:


Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills

There are a number of simple wall ball drills that are focused on improving the lacrosse stick skills of beginners. 

​Wall ball is a great way to practice many basic lacrosse techniques such as shooting, passing & catching. It allows you to get in tons of repetitions… and you don’t need a partner! 

 Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills for Beginners

  • 25 right hand passes, right hand catches
  • 25 left hand passes, left hand catches
  • 25 right hand passes, left hand catches
  • 25 left hand passes, right hand catches
  • 25 split dodge or face dodge & shoot – right & left

Copy and paste this link to visit some at home drills you can try:


Rogers Youth Lacrosse Association

The Rogers Youth Lacrosse Association serves the lacrosse community within the Rogers area (Rogers, Otsego, portions of Dayton and portions of St. Michael) in two distinct ways.

The Rogers Youth Lacrosse Association administrates and manages the boys and girls youth lacrosse programming that spans both the spring, summer, and fall lacrosse seasons within multiple leagues (MSSLAX-MN School Girls Lacrosse League, YLM-Youth Lacrosse of Minnesota and GNLL-Great Northern Lacrosse League).  The Rogers Youth Lacrosse Association strives to provide opportunities for all youth to participate in this great sport that is rich with the tradition dating back to native american tribes.


RYLA Refund Policy

Fees Refund Policy

No refunds will be made after teams are formed.  Teams are officially formed after the tryout process or the first day of practice if your team does not hold a tryout (when only a single team for the age group).  Players not accepted to a team roster following a tryout or team roster are eligible to a complete refund.  This policy is based upon the funding encumbered by the Association on behalf of the registered player and comprises the player fee based upon number of participants.

Note: Processing Fees attributed to online registration are non-refundable even during instances deemed eligible for a refund.

SportsEngine Member Guide

Need help navigating the website?   Click on this link for instructions on how to change your username, password, add/delete email addresses, etc.

Monthly RYLA Board Meetings - Next Meeting

MONDAY, May 10th


Location: TBD

General Practice Information

Season Practice/Games:

  1. U12s and U14s: Monday - Thursday 7-8:30p
    1. Start Monday, May 3rd
  2. U8s and U10s: Tuesday – Thursday 6-7p
    1. ​​​​​​​Start Tuesday, May 4th
  3. Girls: Monday - Thursday 6-7:30p
    1. ​​​​​​​Start Monday, May 17th

**Times are subject to change**

Rogers LAX Apparel

We are excited to announce we have partnered with a new apparel company, 10K Lettering!

25% of all sales are donated back to RYLA

If you have any suggestions for additional products you'd like to see, please contact Ryan Bruers at



Have a question? 

Visit the RYLA Board tab to find contact information for the  board member who can best assist you.